A misdemeanor disturbance near Cumberland on Nov. 19, 2021, has resulted in the arrest of a defendant in a 2020 Barron homicide case, according to Barron County Circuit Court records.

A complaint filed Monday, Nov. 22, 2021, identifies the defendant as 21-year-old Clayton M. Lauritsen, 658 24 1/2 Ave., Cumberland.

Court records said the defendant was freed in July 2021 on $50,000 bond in connection with the shooting death of 45-year-old Lauritz Robertson, Barron, on Dec. 28, 2020.

The complaint said the defendant dumped gasoline on himself and was brandishing a knife during a disturbance at a home on 24 1/2 Avenue, County Hwy. H, on the afternoon of Nov. 19.

A Barron County Sheriff’s deputy arrived to see the defendant walking out of a garage holding a knife in his left hand. He began walking toward the deputy, then toward the front porch.

The officer drew his pistol and ordered the defendant to drop the knife. He allegedly refused at first, then threw the knife away and ran into the home. He later got into a pickup truck and started it, driving it across the lawn.

Then, the defendant got out of the truck and walked back toward the home. He then allegedly agreed to go with Cumberland Ambulance personnel to the hospital, as he was still covered in gasoline. He was treated at Cumberland hospital and taken to jail.

The defendant’s mother later told the deputy that the defendant had showed up with his new girlfriend, and became upset when family members refused to let them both stay there.

During a Nov. 23 court appearance, prosecutors asked the court to reinstate the defendant’s $75,000 bond in connection with the homicide charge. But the court denied the request and the defendant was released on $500 cash bond. No new court date was set in the bail jumping case.

A complaint filed Dec. 30, 2020, charges Lauritsen with first-degree intentional homicide in connection the shooting death of 45-year-old Lauritz Robertson, Barron, on Dec. 28, 2020, after the victim interfered with what had been described as a case of “road rage.”

The incident took place during a confrontation that followed a high-speed vehicle chase, which had started in Rice Lake and ended in front of a home on North Mill Street, Barron, court records said.

Court records said Lauritsen is due to go on trial March 7, 2022, in connection with the homicide charge.