A woman from Barron could face up to four years behind bars and/or $20,000 in fines after allegedly disobeying a city officer and fleeing in her car in a chase on Tuesday, July 30, 2019, county Circuit Court documents said.

The defendant is identified as Natashia H. VanErp, 29, 289 W. Monroe Ave, Unit 1, Barron. Court records said she is free on $2,500 signature bond pending a preliminary hearing tomorrow, Thursday, Aug. 8.

The complaint said Barron police went to the defendant’s home after they received a request from Chippewa County to take her into custody on a charge of alleged violation of a restraining order.

Two officers went to the apartment, but she could not be found. After trying to reach her by phone several times, one of the officers got a call from her shortly before 9 p.m. and met her at her home.

The defendant had a child with her at the time. When she was informed that she would be taken into custody, the defendant “appeared to (get) frustrated and argumentative.”

The defendant then said she wanted to change the child’s diaper, but the officer asked her to have someone “take over childcare” before she was arrested. He then warned her not to go anywhere and turned away to go to the apartment manager’s home. When he turned back, the officer saw the defendant put the child in her vehicle, close the door, and drive away.

The officer ran to his squad, activated his emergency lights and siren, and gave chase, reporting the defendant was fleeing at “what must have been a high rate of speed.” He momentarily lost sight of the fleeing car, but eventually spotted it again. It stopped in a restaurant parking lot on the north side of Division Avenue at Fourth Street.

Approaching the vehicle, the officer saw there were two children in it. He then arrested the defendant.