Two people convicted in the 2016 theft of more than $16,000 from a rural Chetek home still owe $6,750 to their victims, one of whom is deceased, according to Barron County Circuit Court records.

Stoddard, Wis., residents Bailey D. Devenport, 25, and her husband, Cody, 26, were convicted in connection with the theft of a safe containing $16,000 in cash from a mobile home on the southern outskirts of Chetek.

The complaint said Bailey Devenport is the granddaughter of the victims.

The grandparents reported the theft in August 2016, and the Devenports were arrested in February 2017, along with two other defendants, after an investigation, which lasted nearly six months.

The convictions required the Devenports to repay the grandparents.

At a court hearing on Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021, it was determined that the Devenports still owed $6,750 in restitution. One of the victims has passed away, but prosecutors said they would arrange for the restitution payments to be made to the estate of the deceased.

Another restitution hearing is set for Jan. 25, 2022, court records said.