A former Barron man facing an April 2021 trial on a felony methamphetamine charge now faces a charge of felony bail jumping in connection with a domestic quarrel near new Auburn, Barron County Circuit Court documents said.

A complaint filed March 22 identifies the defendant as 40-year-old Christopher A. Curtis, 2549 6-5 3/4 Ave., New Auburn.

According to the complaint, defendant Christopher Curtis and two other New Auburn residents, Wayne A. Curtis, 59, and Ryan L. Hansen, 33, were taken into custody Saturday, March 20, after a domestic quarrel, which a Barron County Sheriff’s deputy saw in progress when he reached the scene.

During the quarrel, defendant Christopher Curtis allegedly used a golf club to attack defendant Wayne Curtis, his father, who allegedly retaliated with a shovel, which the deputy saw him holding when he got to the home, the complaint said.

The complaint charges Wayne Curtis with misdemeanor battery. Christopher Curtis was charged with attempted misdemeanor battery in addition to the felony charge, while defendant Hansen was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.