Scene of the accident

Riley Allen Becker, 17, was the driver of this car involved in a March 5 accident at the corner of 16th Street and 11 1/2 Avenue. Becker has been charged with a felony and two misdemeanors, with a preliminary hearing set for Wednesday, June 16. News-Shield file photo

A 17-year-old Ridgeland resident could face up to nearly seven years behind bars in connection with marijuana and firearms-related charges, according to Barron County Circuit Court records.

A preliminary hearing is set Wednesday, June 16, 2021, for defendant Riley Allen Becker, who was charged May 21 with possession of marijuana with intent to sell, a felony, and two misdemeanor firearms charges, including possession of a dangerous weapon under age 18, and carrying a concealed weapon.

The charges stem from a traffic accident on Friday, March 5, at the intersection of 16th Street and 11 1/2 Avenue in the town of Barron.

The complaint said two Barron County Sheriff’s deputies and one detective made reports in connection with the incident.

The first deputy to reach the scene found a pickup truck and car, both heavily damaged. The defendant was pinned in the wreckage of his car, the complaint said.

The deputy also spoke with a school bus driver who stopped near where the crash took place and called 911.

After he made the call, the bus driver said that he looked into the defendant’s car and saw a handgun lying on the floor behind the passenger seat.

Before the Barron-Maple Grove Fire Department arrived to extricate the defendant, the deputy saw a cardboard container on the passenger side floor of the defendant’s car. The package had a marijuana leaf on the label.

The deputy also found several unfired cartridges strewn around the vehicle, as well as $269 in cash and a bag that allegedly contained a substance later identified as marijuana. A later search of the vehicle produced 16 vaping cartridges containing THC, and three pipes.

The driver of the pickup truck told officers that after the crash, he recognized the defendant from having attended school with him. He said the defendant said: “get me out of here, take these and hide them,” indicating the cloth bag and a handgun in the vehicle.

The detective later got a search warrant for the defendant’s cell phone and retrieved multiple messages and photos indicating the defendant was distributing the vaping cartridges.

The phone allegedly had videos showing the defendant and others engaged in drug use and drinking alcohol, sometimes in the defendant’s vehicle. Another video allegedly showed the defendant and someone else shooting two different semiautomatic weapons out the car windows.