A Strong Faith

Faith Peltier with a 300-pound deadlift

Faith Peltier, a Barron High School junior, has joined Bloomer’s Iron Hawks powerlifting team.

“She is a perfect fit for our team, with her bright smile,” said Iron Hawks coach Glen Steffen, who was well known as a Barron assistant football coach in the 1980s and 90s. “She’s always cheering teammates on.”

Peltier competed at the Heart of the North Bench Press/Deadlift Charity Classic on Dec. 21 at Cameron. There, she benched 105 pounds and had an impressive 300-pound deadlift.

“As a first year lifter, Faith has had an amazing start to her powerlifting career,” said Steffen.

On Saturday, Jan. 11, at Osceola, Peltier performed a 205-pound squat, 95-pound bench press and had another 300-pound deadlift for a total of 600 pounds, which qualified her for the state meet to be held at Appleton in March.

“Faith is an extremely hard worker and has the most positive, pleasant personality,” Steffen said. “She never gets down if she misses a lift. Instead, she just gets tougher and digs deeper. I found the same qualities in her father, Scott, and her uncle, Todd, when I coached them in football at Barron.”